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Stories from the Crookedshore

The crookedshore and its environs are the paths I walk when the dog, Tobey, is eager for some exercise, or the kids need to run or I just need to get away. The seasons are marked along the changing paths, the tides and weather are in rhythm, there are familiar people and their dogs and I find myself noticing things without straining for them.

It doesn’t happen each occasion but sometimes things stick and I make a mental note. Writing about these events or encounters is my way of processing them. It is part of my own discipline of learning to pay attention to the world around me. More rarely, I even find that something written reveals itself as a blessing to someone else, a wee reminder that there is grace in the world even yet.

I thought I would gather them together in one place, just in case I find myself repeating, though given the diversity along that small stretch of coastline, it’s not likely.

Nighttime on the Crookedshore

Market Crash on the Crookedshore

Foraging on the Crookedshore [or what I learned about spiritual formation from picking blackberries]

A New Walk Near the Crookedshore

A New Season on the Crookedshore

High Summer on the Crookedshore

Phil & Sky 3 on the Crookedshore

The Quiet Day’s End on the Crookedshore

Late Afternoon Sun on the Crookedshore

Cold and Bright on the Crookedshore

Newly Familiar with the Crookedshore

The Crookedshore, the Burning Church and Rumi

Reflections on a Dark Beach

Sunset on the Crookedshore

Things I Notice

Blackberries in September: 2nd Anniversary of Beslan

Damien Rice, Seagulls and a Dive into the Deep

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