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Making Pies – Patty Griffin

April 23, 2010

This song does it for me every time.

I love the cinematic narrative – the older woman who lost her love in the war and now, with wonderful human resilience, seeks consolation where she can find it, in making pies all day.

I love how small and local the story is, everything is walkable, and she carries photos of her nephew’s birthday party, she visits the church with its pictures of an anglo Jesus. The photos of the lost love, from decades before, and the sense that she has never left that time of their youthful exuberance, though now she is gray.

It is intensely local and yet wrapped into it are the immigrant nations, Italy, Greece and Ireland, caught up in the devastation of a European war. They sought escape but couldn’t.

I love the way the rhythm slows, and the canvas broadens, just before she delivers the killer line,

you could cry, or die, or just make pies all day

And all in just 3 mins 40 seconds. Quite brilliant.

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  1. mitch permalink

    Wow, I’ve long loved that song and album by Patty, but never took the time to listen to the lyrics. Thanks for calling them to my attention. I’m going to make a “making pies” station on Pandora now. . . . nice win by Leeds this weekend!

    • you are a man of impeccably good taste Mitch. brilliant song this. I watched the arsenal/city game…awful. But Leeds have a young winger on loan from Arsenal. He made his first start on Saturday and was involved in three of the goals. Not bad.

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