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Cardinal Brady and the Challenge of Relinquishment

March 19, 2010

Just one small thing from Cardinal Brady’s sermon at the Cathedral on St Patrick’s Day. I think there is just a possibility that this might signal a new tone in the current crisis. He said this,

The Lord is calling us to a new beginning. None of us knows where that new beginning will lead.

It is precisely the unwillingness of successive hierarchies to surrender the need to control outcomes that has led us to the current low. Is this a new realisation?  That if the church is to genuinely listen to the voice of the Spirit as the source of renewal, which is what the Cardinal asked for, then the hierarchy needs to relinquish control over outcomes. They must embark on a journey without any clear destination – which requires enormous faith and a willingness to risk all that they have sought to protect all their professional lives.

Lent is a good time to begin. Earlier in the sermon he drew inspiration from the example of Peter whom Jesus called ‘to put out into the deep’. Cardinal Brady and his colleagues must now follow that example. God willing they will find the courage.


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