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Bruce Springsteen, The Wire & The Corner

June 23, 2009

What, you might ask, brings these three  together?1847673171

Gritty urban realism perhaps?

I’ve just started reading The Corner, from the creators of The Wire, which I’ve just started watching. Both are gritty and urban and real. The kind of real that places some of our stuff here in Northern Ireland into context.

For more years than I can recall it has been my habit to collect concert tickets, boarding passes, bus and rail journey tickets…anything that has a location memory attached. I save these and use them as bookmarks, so it’s not unusual to pull any random book of the shelf in our home and find a place marker that adds an additional memory to that of the book.

So, the other day, when it came time to pick up The Corner, this is what was waiting for me in the drawer.

DSCF0133I may blog about the book when I’ve finished, but this ticket brought back a million memories.

Memories of a summer spent in the US. Memories of persuading a woman I was keen on back home to queue up for me outside the music shop and who later became my wife – I like to think her willingness to do this for me helped persuade me and didn’t put her off. Of a day that began by leaving LA at 5.30am to fly to Minneapolis-St Paul and sitting on the tarmac in a sweltering aircraft beside a wailing infant. Of meeting Ade in Belfast Central, and my dad in Connolly in Dublin where he took my bags and dropped me off at the RDS. Of Bruce playing for more than 3 hours, including a stupendous version of 10th Avenue. Of coming home and sleeping for the best part of 24 hours.

And is there a better song about gritty urban realism than Lost in the Flood?

And that’s what links them all together.

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  1. Jonny permalink

    Currently reading the Corner with a Bob Dylan ticket as bookmark. Although it was from this year!

  2. Jimmy the Saint,

    I’ve had “Lost in the Flood” running through my head since reading this, so I just had to compliment you on the “gritty” post. . . . And btw do you think Bruce was giving a shout out to Arsenal?!


    a Ragamuffin Gunner

  3. Jonny…you know my feelings about Bob live. But the book’s great.

    and MK, a true ragamuffin gunner, I like it when he sings, ‘bound for glory, in red, [and] white…flash paint’. Optimistic I think.


    the blaze and noise boy

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