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In Church Today….

May 24, 2009

Three things from church today, when we celebrated the Ascension.

I watched my eleven year old sitting two seats to my left. I noted that he seems to be stretching before our eyes. But I stared delightedly at him as he recited the Lord’s Prayer, without prompt, without written words, just from memory. And I wondered how had he learned it because we have never taught it to him. And then I realised, he had picked it up in the congregation as we said it together over the years. It was beautiful.

I saw a mother stare deeply at her recently baptised baby girl and weep a tear or two of absolute devotion, utterly unaware of the congregation, as we all sang the Aaronic blessing over her child.

I stood like meat in a sandwich between two of my friends, both of them immensely taller than me. We each opened our bibles when the Word was read. And when the congregation sang, and our three voices were joined, I was moved to worship.

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