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Useless Aid

April 20, 2009

If it’s not old news it certainly is forgotten news.

I came across this earlier today on inappropriate aid following the tsunami. Simply astonishing.

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  1. Andrew McCracken permalink

    The experts tell me it’s an extreme example of a systemic issue – where we try and address poverty by imposing what _we_ think is required on the poor. Shoeboxes, schools and orphanages can all be as bad as ‘viagra and stilettos’

  2. asharedadventure permalink

    What a waste of time and effort, and what does that say about us to those people receiving such inappropriate aid! Maybe some people think their donations will be sold and the money go to aid? (really trying to give benefit of doubt :-/ in which case more specific information and education is needed for the public to detail the process and about the lifestyle etc of communities receiving aid. If however people are simply getting rid of their rubbish whilst feeling all good and moral… Good point Andrew this seems to illustrate your point perfectly.

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