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10 Ideas Changing the World

March 19, 2009

How well does my wife know me! The other day my reader through up a link from Shawn Anthony which I just had to read – 10 Ideas that are changing the world right now, from Time magazine.

Next day Ade comes to me with a copy of the mag saying she spotted it in a newsagent and thought I would be interested. Too right and too kind.

It is a fascinating read. Two, three, four and ten I found most compelling (though three is a bit scary too)


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  1. firescloudsandwanderings permalink


    I was wondering if you would elaborate more on why you find the New Calvinism a bit scary. Thanks.

  2. Neo-calvinism, or what Scot McKnight calls neo-reformed, is the new fundamentalism I think. Trying to define christianity, and who is in and who is out, according to a very narrow interpretation of a form of calvinism, with little or no room for diversity. So no arminians or anabaptists for instance.

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