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AKTivism from the Kitchen Table

February 27, 2009

teapot6bk-1Congratulations to all the AKT team on the success of last night’s event in the Black Box. I was inspired and stimulated by the energy and activism of people from 13 years old (my daughter accompanied me – there to make me look cool as MH so disparagingly said), to ‘I-don’t-know-but-certainly-in-her-seventies’ Clara who spoke to us of the origins of the credit union movement in Ireland. Brilliant.

It got me thinking about the enduring value of small, local acts of justice. Like the Belfast urban gardeners who are using the soil of Belfast to create new stories of growth and life in otherwise decaying parts of the city. Or the time-bankers, building community and an alternative economy through the bartering of our hours.

So a great night and an inspiring one.

Just a couple of nights ago Ade and I were thinking we should join our local credit union, Clara has convinced me. And an idea about an urban garden at the Mission is growing (so to speak), and Phil is thinking of one at BPC.

Small acts emerging from a very simple evening.

  1. Peter Martin permalink

    I love the credit union and my local one certainly loves me!! ;-D

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