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Ghost Bikes

February 26, 2009

As someone who has had his fair share of close shaves on the bike, even being hit by a car once in my younger days, I found myself deeply moved by this website. Ghost Bikes is a growing movement of cyclists, artists and activists which began in St Louis in 2003 and has since moved around the world.

Three cyclists I knew of have been killed on Northern Ireland roads in recent years, and every time I take to the road I guess it’s risky. Thing is, you never think it’ll be you that won’t come home.

Anyway, I think these bikes are beautiful memorials. The photo below is of a memorial in Dublin to a Chinese national Zu Zhang Wong, who was killed in Dublin in January of this year. Read more about it here and here. See other photos in a flickr group here.


Incidentally, I was reminded of all this by a photo that appeared on Jonny Baker’s blog yesterday, which looks like a ghost bike memorial.

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  1. Andrew McC permalink

    How strange! I just passed one of these last night in North London and I had no idea what it was. Thanks for shedding some light on the matter Glen!

  2. Peter Martin permalink

    had a near miss a few weeks ago. It hasn’t stopped me but I must say its made me think twice everytime I go out…

  3. A friend of mine was the one who found the guy from this memorial…

    My only cycling experience of recent years is cycling around Dublin, which although has far more cyclists and cycle lanes than Belfast is still hairy enough. Being on a bike has certainly made me more careful/patient in the car!

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