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We’re on the Way Back

November 28, 2008

_45245266_fcf49565-541b-43dd-abb7-91bedd19ebafLeeds United have taken some unfair hits in recent years and things continue to be tough as we make our inevitable way out of the lower leagues, i.e. the leagues that preserve the true spirit of football.

But here is some great news. In the boardroom at least we’ve sorted ourselves out, unlike the shameless spenders and consumers of the premiership.

So tell me, how much in debt is your club.

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  1. spiritof81 permalink

    That is a huge achievement for Leeds given their disastrous dealings of the past – are they still paying Paul Robinson and Robbie Keane a wage?

    Tottenham have run a pretty tight ship over the years I think, which has made no difference at all to the team’s consistency. I think it’s the big four that will have the most financial worries.

  2. Peter Martin permalink

    Sorry I missed you in Church on Sunday but Jane was there and gave me the full update – she was really inspired… Whats up with the quiet front on the blog?

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