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The Welsh Face Down the Haka

November 26, 2008

We were on our feet in our front room. Sporting theatre at its most thrilling – ‘I’m not moving until they do!’

Who in their right mind could possibly imagine that banning the haka is a good idea?

Ade and I saw the All Blacks, indeed stood beside them, at Ravenhill years ago. Spine tingling.

I’m really looking forward to what the English will do next week. Maybe a morris dance?

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    Well actually, there was a guy from the Dark Horse Morris group on Radio 4’s “Today” programe last Saturday suggesting England should be doing a border-style Morris Dance at the match. It apparently is the oldest style of Morris, and involves wearing tattercoats and big plumes, and is according to this Morris dancer “as big and scary and in your face as the Haka” Oh yeah?
    For an uplifting piece on giantkilling, sporting or otherwise, check out Elvis McGonagall’s piece Magic

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