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The Munster Haka

November 19, 2008

Wasn’t this the most electrifying sporting encounter of the year? Preceded by a thrilling haka performed by Munster’s four kiwis, led by Doug Howlett. Then a largely second string Munster team threw themselves at the almighty New Zealand team like the tribe of mad bogmen that they are, and in the process restored some pride in Irish rugby.

The sight of the four antipodean Munster men with their teammates standing behind them, fronting up to the Kiwis makes the hairs stand on the back of my neck. A colleague in work who hails from Munster turned up in work today even though he had planned to take the day off. He turned up because he just needed to talk to someone.


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  1. Fantastic moment! Must have been amazing to be in the crowd to see it!

  2. This is really random, as I’ve lurked on your blog occasionally but never commented…but I recently read ‘The book of fame’ by Lloyd Jones about the 1905 All Black team – v interesting novel.

    Oh, and the haka was spine tingling.

  3. spine tingling is the word. Haven’t heard of that book smoothstones..there’s a play about the Munster victory in ’78, naturally, which apparently is very good.

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