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Plum Jobs

November 17, 2008

Recently Stu on xetera posted on the massive personal intrusion inherent in applying for a job with the new world hero Obamaman. And I thought fair employment legislation here was tough.

Crookedshore, in the service of his reader whose job is currently at risk due to the economic downturn, went in search of potential employment for his mate. Apparently all 8,000 jobs are published every four years in the Plum Book which details every job in the new administration and their paygrade – even the Director of the CIA. I thought my friend might like a role on the board of the Committee for Purchase from People who are Blind  or Severely Disabled?

Some interesting stats: Mr Paulson, US Treasury Secretary, who has played such a prominent role in seeking to solve the world economic crisis, earns $191k. He left a $30m pa job for the post.

By way of comparison, Mr Brian Lenihan TD, the Irish Minister of Finance in a government that has made an absolute hames of the Irish economic boom of the last 15 years, recently announced a pay cut for all members of the cabinet. Yay for Brian!  He will now receive the princely equivalent sum of $256k. Approximately.

Sadly (for the Irish economy at least) Mr Lenihan is not, so far as we know, a US citizen and therefore cannot get a plum job.

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