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Crookedshore Goes Multi-Platform (for a few days)!

October 24, 2008

Wednesday past I got the chance to do the BBC Radio Ulster Thought for the Day slot (more later). But more interestingly (at least for me) was an opportunity on the BBC NI Keeping the Faith series on BBC Newsline.

The close of the week was a webcast of a panel discussion which was truly enjoyable, including the after-chat.

If you’re interested the discussion can be found here. It’s not earth shattering, but there were interesting co-panellists. Malachi O Doherty is always worth listening to, and Clare Mitchell is great. She works as a sociologist at Queen’s and writes on faith and politics and is always worth sharp and insightful. (Incidentally she is married to Tim Millen, musician with Brian Houston, artist, photographer – some of his b/w photos can be found on the Skainos website – and illustrator for Duke Special. What a talented couple).

Incidentally, soapbox has an opinion on the whole series.

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  1. asharedadventure permalink

    Interesting debate, that was a tricky question re: the need for churches to change people you got. The criticisms of the church are always the same and linked to judgement, rigid rules etc. I guess people also mistakenly focus on the decline of buildings as representing a decline in beliefs. It’s difficult when people taking a humanist or agnostic view etc come from a head knowledge perspective focusing on the wrongs done rather than a heart knowledge and openness to the potential good things that could be done. There also seems to be an issue around perceiving the Bible and Church as an end in themselves, to control and regulate, rather than as the resources through which we can experience their true source (God) not human agendas (well, most of the time)

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