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What a Tour Route for 2009!

October 22, 2008

Well now we know what the riders will have to do in 2009 to win the monstrous Tour de France, and already Lance Armstrong is hedging his bets and thinking he may not ride. That’s how tough it will be.

The headline for me is the penultimate day. Before anybody gets to be proclaimed a Giant of the Road by finishing on the Champs Elysee they have to climb the fearsome Mount Ventoux; on day 20 of a 21 day race.

Ventoux is the mountain where Tommy Simpson died of exhaustion in the 1967 race – his blood a lethal cocktail of alcohol and amphetamines.

I haven’t ridden it yet, but since we’re thinking of a significant challenge to mark the 1 year anniversary of my surgery…I think the decision has already been made. Riders…you are offically on notice.

Expect planning to begin within the week.

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  1. Mad absolutely mad!!!

  2. spiritof81 permalink

    I concur with the above comment!

    We were near Nimes on holiday last July. The Tour was coming along the main road near where we were staying. Obviously I wanted to witness it and turned up pretty early to watch the crowd build up along the road. I couldn’t believe the number of people who had turned up. We waited a good couple of hours for the cyclists to go past. Anticipation was building but I was getting impatient.

    Noticing the build-up of cars parked at one side of the road I ran back to where the car was parked and turned it around to face away from the traffic so we could get away quicker. I was only away for five minutes!!

    Predictably, as I made my way to the main road again the satisfied crowds were heading back to their cars…..

  3. Dean permalink

    Is there any significance in the fact that you lived your early years at the foot of “Sugar-loaf” in Wicklow. [colloquial name for Mont Ventoux] If that’s anything to go by it sounds like a handy spin…..;-)

  4. Hi Glenn. Seems that I have managed to miss the fact that you have been blogging for a couple of years.

    Liked your Toby post a few days ago – I’m now a dog owner myself. We found her in Albania and brought her with us.

    I was tramping the streets in the rain last night with her.

    If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Munich (our current location) let me know. You would be very welcome. You can find me at

    Nothing very profound I’m afraid – pictures of Munich and occasional ruminations on beer and Oktoberfest.

  5. madness, madness, madness – so the question is do I have enough madness left in me to join you – at least at the start, if I start I’ll finish a good 3 hours behind – so am I insane?

  6. jonny, put aside all the live sport you’ve ever seen and get to the Alps or the Pyrenees for the TdF. Nothing touches it. Nothing. Not even the prospect of seeing leeds at a wembley final. Especially not seeing leeds at a wembley final (where we usually concede 3 goals)

  7. ALWYN…how did you find your way here? Great to hear from you. Dirk P and I were talking about you just the other day. I was missing you. He wasn’t. But you know what he’s like.

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