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Credit Crunch, Dr Elaine Storkey and Local Bloggers

October 13, 2008

In a prescient act of planning the 10th Catherwood Lecture, organised by the Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland, will take place tomorrow evening. This year the lecture will be run in partnership with Tear Fund on the subject ‘Credit Crunch: Curse or Blessing’, and will be delivered by Dr Elaine Storkey. More details can be found here.

The lecture is free and will be held at the Chapel in Union Theological College, Belfast beginning at 8pm. A large crowd is expected, if advance requests for info are to be believed so best get there reasonably early.

In the meantime, local bloggers are weighing in on the issue.

Scrabo Power looks backwards in a spirit of ’twas always thus!

Soapbox reproduces an outstanding article from last Saturday’s Guardian, written by Ann Pettifor, Greenbelt veteran. Incidentally, her website is well worth a look on all things economic. She was prophesying this crash years ago.

Virtual Methodist proposes a solution here – who would have thought a mere Methodist minister would have such astounding economic insight. He gets more apocalyptic here, and links the crisis to our own issues in NI.

Finally, in unique fashion, whynotsmile delivers heavyweight theological consideration in a post titled On the Theological Background and Socio-Economic Implications of the Global Credit Crisis. Destined to be a classic, I say.

Makes me proud to be even vaguely associated (i.e. living on the same island) with such quality blogging

  1. Wow!! I got a mention on CrookedShore!! Even if it was vaguely sarcastic…

    My week has now been made.

  2. accusing moi of being sarky?? Ha! Pot and Kettle come to mind.

    And for the record, I was being entirely serious, I think it’s brilliant writing. While the world is in meltdown, struggling to get a grip, you write metaphorically of a piece of soap and its decline.

    Come on, tell me you meant it.

  3. I did, of course yes. It has declined quite a lot, as well.

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