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Goodbye Sofa – the story of a settee

October 8, 2008

This is daft really, but very early this morning my wife and I carried our old sofa out of the garage onto the drive, to await collection by the borough council who will recycle it. It’s no use really; it’s very well worn, (as you can see from the photo) though there is, as our respective dads would have said, ‘some good timber in it’!

Anyway, there it sits, under the tree awaiting its ignominious fate. Ade and I stood for a moment after we got it out…and then she said a sort of goodbye. This oul thing has been in our home for years now, it was the second piece of furniture we ever bought (this our table, was the first). In fact, for the first several months of our marriage we lived in a house with no chairs at all, until a friend had pity and lent us some spare sofas. So it’s been around us a looong time.

And just as I once did about our table, which we still have, we began to think of all the people who have sat, slept or climbed on this chair. How many words have flowed over it, or perhaps more likely, how much juice, tea, coffee, beer and wine has flowed over and around it? How much laughter has it heard? How much theology, philosophy, or, more likely,  just plain nonsense? How many varying sizes of posteriors have left their indent there? How much football/rugby/cycling has been watched alone or in raucous company? We nursed our kids there. Read countless books and watched hundreds of movies from it.

I remember the first friday night we removed all the cushions, covered the whole floor with them, and then all four of us plus dog spent the night in sleeping bags in front of the fire. Just for the fun of it.

Or the night Jamie came down with his acrylic paints and some ideas, and set all of us painting from comfort of the settee. Or the nights when friends would pack in and all over the floors to talk about books and movies and life and stuff.

It arrived while I was on a business trip during my time in the YMCA, some time before 1992. And it seemed to fill up our wee room, but boy was it comfortable. In fact, I remember one friend, worn out from a transatlantic flight, coming to our home for the first time and feeling compelled by the comfort of the chair to kick of his shoes and lie out full stretch on it…and fall asleep.

And now it’s place in our room and in our lives has been usurped by another chair. This one has come to us third hand, but no less comfortable for that, though I doubt it will be here as long.  Having said that however, the kids are less likely to dive into it these days, so it may get less abuse. Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not being sentimental about it, I’m just enjoying all the memories recorded in its now unfashionable and garish colour scheme (it was cool in the 90s I promise!).

Anyway, if you’ve ever enjoyed a time in our room on our settee, sitting, sleeping, eating, drinking, laughing, singing, loving or painting, it’s gone, but you are always welcome to help anoint the ‘new’ one.

Give us a call.


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  1. Now, if we counted our lifetimes in sofas… and maybe we should! Thanks for another lovely piece of furniture for the space between my ears at least! And for the picture of loving an old thing and nonetheless recognising its time has gone…

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