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Best Marriage of Storyline and Backing Track Ever?

October 3, 2008

Was in the local supermarket today, shopping for breakfast stuff for tomorrow morning. I happened to find myself in the cd section, (as you do while hunting for bacon, sausages, eggs and soda/potato bread). £3 for Brothers in Arms, not too shabby and hard to turn down.

Back home, I loaded it into iTunes, and then listened straight away to the title track, which led me inexorably to the scene below from West Wing. Quite possibly this, the close of season two, is the best thing I have ever seen in a TV drama. I know that I am moved by Charlie refusing to wear his own coat. And when Leo says ‘Watch this!’…! And I’ve watched the whole series three or four times.

I won’t tell you what happens next.

But if you know of a better marriage please let me know.

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  1. Absolutely! Possibly one of the best West Wing scenes ever. We’ve been working our way through ww for a 2nd time recently and as soon as this episode was over I was on itunes to downloaded this track. £3 for the album, that’s pretty good going!

  2. It’s a classic album – one of the first I ever got, which helps date me.

    I really should try watching some West Wing…

  3. Hey Stu, we ‘re making our way through it again at the moment and up to season 5. Amazing parallels in ‘shut down’ to the recent fun and games in Congress where the budget is voted down. But season 2 is about the best.

    Hands in the pocket then looks away and smiles! (for the sad insiders)

    And Mark, do you know that Brothers in Arms was really the first mega-selling album on cd? That DOES date you.

  4. Bartlett for America!
    The most literate series ever to come out of the USA… Their use of music throughout the first 3 series (particularly the Christmas ones) is peerless. But the episode you picked is superb… the scene that went before your selection with Bartlett’s dialogue with God is an amazing piece of writing, acting, directing, and theology.
    Best President they never had…
    Can’t take Dire Straits seriously tho because their music was the sound track to my teenage associations with girls… Not something I want to dwell on!

  5. spiritof81 permalink

    I love this!

    Brothers In Arms was one of the first albums I owned as a boy – not the most coolest music to have in your walkman at school in the early 90s but hey.

    The song itself is fantastic. This video would almost make me want to get into the West Wing (I want to, but almost too many good TV shows around at the minute!)

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