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The Hitler Meme

June 30, 2008

This has been doing the rounds for a while. Hitler rages against Microsoft who discovered his modifed console, and threatens to end his xBox Live subscription,  Hillary loses out to Obama for the democratic nomination. It was taken up in the UK with a spoof on the Arsenal board raging against Wenger‘s lack of expenditure in the transfer market, and the Man Uniturd board raging against Ronaldo’s possible move to Real Madrid. All brilliantly clever.

The latest is home grown, with a beleaguered Brian Cowan incensed at the electorate and the loss of the Lisbon Treaty referendum.

Be warned though, the language is VERY strong, so if you’re sensitive to such things don’t watch.

From → Humour

  1. scrabopower permalink

    Thanks for the links to these – strong stuff but very funny! Especially the Arsenal clip

  2. I’m working on a website for these videos that lets you rate which are good and view the best ones. It’s still really new though so let me know if you have any feedback,


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