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24 Hours to Beat the Best

June 23, 2008

Pull up and join me with one of these (or your equivalent). It’s what I did when I finally got time to reflect on a day of days.

It began in a workshop with Marva Dawn at the Mission. It was a privilege to host Marva and Myron as she does her thing all over the world. I’ll post some reflections from the session very soon, including an exclusive private interview with her which I’ll include later in July as part of the Spirituality of Illness series. Anyway, that was a good start to the day.

After everyone had left, I got back to the day job, preparing for a Board meeting next week. Towards the end of the day I finally made the phone call that would go some way towards defining our future work. I tracked down a decision maker from the fund that was deciding whether or not to award us the final tranche of our funding for Skainos. Like the man from Del Monte, she said yes!

YES! to SIX POINT ONE MILLION POUNDS. So skainos is a runner. I had time to contact colleagues to let them know the good news and then was home by 5.30pm, 45 minites after that news. As I walked in the door my wife was on the phone, and she held three fingers in the air towards me.

It was a YES! to a surgery date. The long, long, long wait is over, and I go under the knife on July 3rd. In Dublin!

The NHS sometimes contracts out procedures to private clinics as a way of managing waiting lists. Given that that very day there was a listeria outbreak at the Royal, where I was anticipating the surgery would happen, this was no bad news. So two momentous pieces of news in 45 minutes.

Later that evening we had a family portrait taken. We’ve never done this before, but I guess I’m giving way to a subconscious need on my part to capture a family gathering before I am changed…so to speak. Anyway, it was a robust event to say the least, and Adrienne reported about half way through that she had hurt her ribs (must have been CJ hitting her the way he would hit a ruck).

Next morning, she was still sore but mobile. Imagine my surprise then when I got a phone call as I dropped PJ off at school that she had collapsed in the shower and banged her head. I got home as quickly as I could and we spent the morning in the hospital, blood tests, ECG, X-rays etc. All very reminiscent of my stuff last September and November. Thankfully, Ade was given the all-clear, though she sports an incredible shiner which I would’ve been proud of way back when.

It’s been a heck of a few days. Celebrated Saturday morning with a 35 miles ride in the pouring rain and freezing June cold. This next two weeks promises to be something.

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  1. asharedadventure permalink

    Really enjoyed Marva, maybe you could clarify though, she talked about us as humans giving strength to powers and principalities by the choices and decisions we make through our fallen human nature. That we get off track from God’s will by assigning value and hence power to money, things, traditions, status etc. and so it is a partnership between our will allowing evil to operate in those situations. I totally agree with this but where does the role of spiritual warfare, demons, generational curses etc come in. Demons do exist, Jesus cast out demons. Is this a different level in the spiritual heirarchy?

    That’s excellent news on the skainos project, how exciting is that! also great that you have a date for the surgery, I’ll be praying for you. Hope they pay for someone to go with you and they get a nice hotel:-)

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