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Beasties in the Garden

June 7, 2008

Saturday 31 May last must have been the hottest day of the year so far. I managed to snap some of the inhabitants in our garden.

This is our neighbourhood blackbird. He seems to appear whenever we go out into the garden. On Saturday I was cutting the grass and he would just hop around me as I worked.

And this beastie is a moth from our next door neighbour’s home. She came running out urgently calling my name and asking me to remove it somewhere safe. I dropped it under one of our trees. Anybody got an idea what it is?

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  1. What a great picture of the moth! I don’t know a thing about them but your pictures seems to magnify the insect.

  2. thanks Jeff. helps explain why my neighbour was so spooked

  3. What you have here is a hawk moth (Order lepidoptera, Family sphingidae). Hard to tell the species because of the lack of scale markers and the wing position, with the front wings covering the smaller rear wings… But my best guess is that it is a Poplar Hawk Moth (Laothoe populi) or, perhaps, but less likely, if the smaller wings had “eye markings” then it would be an Eyed Hawk Moth (Serinthus ocellata). Bet you wish you never asked!

  4. go away scary moth boy

  5. Just wait… I could drive you completely crazy if I started into the mutant strains of drosophila melanogaster!

  6. seriously! you’re frightening me now!

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