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Postscript to Noah Vs Abraham…enter Jesus

April 13, 2008

My friend DP makes the point that faced with the sacrificial destruction of people and the earth, Noah goes along with what God decrees. Abraham was prepared to argue with God, but eventually even he withdraws and colludes with what God was doing in the sacrificial destruction of people because of their sin.

Only Jesus refused to collude. Only Jesus wrestled God all the way, and rather than see others die, accepted death himself.

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  1. A couple of things come to mind.

    First, I’d much rather wrestle with all the difficult and uncomfortable portions of Scripture than pretend they don’t exist, so thank you for taking us down that road for a little while.

    Second, and this is where I run the risk of getting unnecessarily philosophical, from where do we get our notions of justice and of right, especially when it comes to these tricky texts?

    It’s commonly quoted that God is just, good, etc. Does our notion of right come out of our understanding of God? Or does our understanding of God come out of our notion of right? Somewhere in between? Or does it depend on what we’re talking about at any given moment?

    It seems to me that the second option is pretty inadequate but tough for us to avoid. Either way I don’t think learning about the nature of God gets any easier, and we end up just trying to do the best we can.

    I find it humbling and reassuring that when I read the Bible the only woman or man of God in there who is completely above reproach is Jesus. Yet Noah walked with God and found favour, Abraham was blessed as the father of nations, David was a man after God’s heart.

  2. Hmmm… Not sure about this… Did Jesus wrestle all the way with God’s will? Or did he submit in the garden?
    He certainly didn’t buy into the standard religious (if not divine) approach of condemning everyone else… He took the condemnation himself…
    Might there be a danger in conflating/confusing the 2… And indeed overly contrasting the will of the Son and the Father within the Godhead…

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