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Beginnings in Genesis – To Adam & Eve, a Son

March 30, 2008

at that time men began to call on the name of the Lord
gen 4:26

worship-small.jpgFinally, the chapter ends with a note of hope. The line of Cain leads to all forms of corruption and violence, restrained only by the common grace of God. Out of the mourning of Adam and Eve for their two sons is born another son Seth. The use of the word ‘offspring’ reminds us of the curse on the serpent in 3:15 and Eve seems less triumphant here than she did in the early part of the chapter.

This new line from Adam and Eve points to something new. Despite all the ravages of sin, and its increasing destruction through the generations. Despite the increase in violence, vengence, and murderous rage. Despite the disorder and corruption, God can still be known, and here at the close of this truly awful chapter is the beginning of worship. Who would have thought it?

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