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Beginnings in Genesis – Final Kindness

February 29, 2008

the Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.

genesis 3:21

We should look at the final kindness of God. He replaces their inadequate coverings of leaves and provides animal skins. It is surely significant that these coverings provided by God required death and the shedding of blood. I wonder too was this act of kindness by God something they noticed, and should Cain have remembered it before his act of worship?

But God now drives them out of Eden and stations an angel who camps there to guard the entrance to the tree of life. All is overturned here.

This first act of disobedience has had dire consequences for all of humanity. Consequences we all live with. We still strive to get back to the tree of life. We seek to postpone death, stay young, with trim bodies. Much genetic research is currently directed at halting or delaying the aging process. But the angel stands there. And we fall again and again in our human arrogance and hubris.

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  1. asharedadventure permalink

    May be a silly question but,if the garden of Eden was on Earth (and many have suggested various locations today), what happened to the angel guarding, or is everything wrapped up in symbolism. No-one can have access to eternal life without physically dying first (represented by the sword). The first 6 days of creation are 24hr days with the 7th day left open for continual fellowship with God, and the geographical location seems detailed enough to mention rivers etc. This seems to suggest historical details rather than symbolism?

  2. Well the author would have been writing about what he knew…and who doesn’t try to bump up their gaff!! Friend of mine lives in Chatsworth…it’s a wee housing estate in Bangor.

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