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Liverpool Nativity

December 16, 2007

Well done BBC and the City of Liverpool for the Liverpool Nativity that was broadcast on BBC3 tonight. Following hard from the Manchester Passion, this was a contemporary re-telling of the nativity story through the streets of Liverpool, using songs from Liverpool artists, like the Beatles (natch!) and Echo and the Bunnymen.

Two things stood out for me. One, the image of the baby in swaddling clothes and lying in….a shopping trolley. Two the close of the story and the escape from the Minister of the Interior (Herodia – a female Herod).

Geoffrey Hughes, who played Gabriel, invited the crowd to open up and welcome the baby Jesus into their midst , to hide them from the villains. The city was challenged to welcome Jesus into its embrace and to show love to him. What an extraordinarily prophetic word to the city.



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  1. Those two scenes struck me too.

    Something about asking the crowd to go beyond verbal sympathy with Mary & Joseph’s plight, and to take physical action to do something about it. Very Jesus!

  2. I was annoyed to have missed this. Don’t supposed you taped it?

    Or maybe it’s time to check out iPlayer…

  3. think its on again next Sunday night Mark. BTW, what is ‘taped it’??? Some new technology??

  4. Heh. Funny man. Cheers.

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