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Springsteen is the Hot Ticket

November 30, 2007



Need I say it – I’m a serious Bruce fan, since way back in the early 80s. I am the proud, yet secretive, possessor of a ticket for the show in Belfast on 15 December next, which sold out in two and a half minutes and caused the phone-in radio shows to go into meltdown. (Actually, my wife and I managed to get 8 tix*, but you don’t say that too often around Belfast for fear of being the victim of gig-rage).

Anyway, tickets for a Dublin gig on 22 May went on sale on Wednesday morning – this time 35,000 of them, sold out in 15 mins. We got ours. When that happened a second gig was announced. It was sold out 20 mins later. At 9.40am a third gig for that same weekend. By 11.30 that morning, all tix for all gigs were sold. Over 100,000 in a couple of hours, setting new records and placing Bruce among the top attractions – like I ever doubted it.

Two things. Firstly, it seems to me that for whatever reason, Springsteen’s heartland is now in Europe not the US. He sells out EVERY gig over here, but not back home. As an artist who seems to capture something abiding about the US dream, this is interesting. I wonder is it because of his now overt political stance which has alienated many back home, but which so resonates with the European attitude to global politics and anti-Americanism.

Secondly, I am amazed at the age profile of the fans today. Yes, the grey heads are still there. But now they are joined by youngsters in their early 20s. Last year, Mark and I queued from the wee hours of the morning for tickets for the Seeger gigs. We queued among our own generation. This time round, newspaper reports carried photos of fans half our age. It seems that Bruce has been around soooo long he’s coming back round on himself again and meeting a whole new generation. There may now be significant street cred associated with being a long-time fan of this 58 year old.

I can only hope!

*I need to add that all tickets were subsequently moved on to genuine fans or prospective fans who are friends of ours and all for face value. In fact, we probably lost money by not passing on the handling charge in each case.


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  1. Would you beileve that I’ve never listened to enough Bruce to ump either way?

  2. Disgraceful Mark…you need an education.

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