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Some New Blogs

November 13, 2007

Four new blogs have come to my attention in recent weeks.

1. David Campton has switched from some impossible to remember url to the nice and simple Virtual Methodist. It’s a miscellany including reflection, poetry and drama (his own material).

2. Bishop Will Willimon, UMC Bishop in Alabama visited the Mission some years ago as speaker at our Anniversary Conference. So memorable an event was it that the content is still discussed by some who were there. Somehow or other I discovered he is now blogging on A Peculiar Prophet (indeed) and I’ve put him in my feeder.

3. Peregrinatio is back here on skellig michael. And about time.

4. Finally, Ched Myers has been a personal inspiration for several years so I was delighted that he was able to make it across to Belfast after Greenbelt this year. His workshop at the Mission was magnificent. Ched recently underwent pretty serious surgery on his spine and is recovering at home. As is the way these days, progress is being blogged on Ched’s Pain in the Neck Blog.

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