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Choosing a Church – King of the Hill style

October 15, 2007

Pic02This is just brilliant. I haven’t watched King of the Hill in years…not even sure it’s broadcast over here, but there was a time I wouldn’t have missed it.

This made me laugh. Hank has fallen out with his regular church and is wondering how you go about finding a new one. Some of you I know will recognise all sorts of stuff here, so take a couple of minutes and enjoy.

Fav quote: Hank (when considering the pampering of the mega-church) ‘If I wanted to go down that route I could just wander round the mall and think about Jesus’.

From → Humour

  1. Jonny Currie permalink

    Loved this programme when it used to be on channel 4. I think it’s really underrated.

  2. spanishjohnny permalink

    Amazing! I saw this yesterday and was gonna email it to crookedshore.

    Great minds think alike!

  3. great clip! i’d forgotten how funny and insightful King of the hill was. Much better than ‘folks on the hill’…

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