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Springsteen at the Odyssey in Belfast

September 6, 2007

Well it was a sweat but we made it. Bruce announced only one gig in Ireland and one in London with the result that people were queuing more than 15 hours in advance of the opening of the box office. I’m a fan but not that daft and so it was the lottery of ticketmaster online.

Result: 8 tickets in all! And each one spoken for. I know of nine computers pleading with ticketmaster and only three successful…Adrienne was one and me another. So I’m delighted. I got into the queue at 3 minutes to nine, but a second attempt for more tix was kicked back at 2 mins past. Aiken Promotions home page say the 8,000 tickets were sold out in 5 minutes with 20% of them going south of the border. The phone lines to the Nolan Show and TalkBack were pulsating with angry people who failed to score.

It’s concert number 9 for me and the first time to see the E-Streeters indoors.

turn it up, turn it up, turn it up…..


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  1. Yep, I got one!!

    Seeger sessions last year will be hard to beat.

  2. Don’t shout too loud Jonny, there are some very angry people out there who will be convinced you have connections to big corporates…that’s the only way you could get those tix.

    ‘i just want to feel some rhythm’

  3. It’d be interesting to know just how many of the 10,000 went on sale to the public yesterday. There’s bound to be an outdoor show next year.

    Looking forward to the new album. the single sounds bang up to date, or is that because so many bands of the moment are ripping off his sound?

    ‘it’s been a long time comin but now it’s here’

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