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A Bike Race or A Bad Mystery Novel?

July 26, 2007

It’s 11.45pm here in Ireland and my wife  just called to me 10 mins ago from elsewhere in the house to tell me Rasmussen is gone. Rabobank have sacked him for lying about his whereabouts earlier in the year. Apparently he was in Italy and not Mexico as he said. [Sigh].

OK, who’s next?

Yes I know this is the biggest annual sporting event in the world, but I prefer when my engagement with live sports takes place during normal sensible hours. We watched the finish up the Col d’Aubisque live, round about 5pm or so. Exhilarating. Rassa was magnificent. Sean Kelly called it an hour before the finish saying Contador was struggling and Rasmussen looked comfortable, even though is was Contador and his Discovery mate Leipheimer who were doing the pressing.

But the race bursts its banks, Thames-like, and here I am when I should be in bed, contacting friends and blogging about the Tour as it happens all round us.

Just like Floyd last year, except this time the Tour isn’t waiting for the possibility of having to investigate the winner. They get rid of him before the end. But it’s already tainted. If Landis’ case goes wrong for him, how can Perreiro ever really be considered the winner of 2006, even by himself? And how can Contador or Evans really celebrate any potential win?

This year’s race has been magnificent. The testing procedures seem to be working, which is great. But can there be a genuine winner now?

All that remains now is for guttersnipe journos to jump on the bandwagon with a big stick to beat cycling. Like football has no problems in Europe!

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