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Happy St Paddy’s Day

March 17, 2007

Happy St Patrick’s Day! A day I’m spending in a car, on the road from Atlanta to Jacksonville. This is my third or fourth time to be in the US on this day, and I always get the feeling that the natives are disappointed that I don’t wear green from my head to my leprechauny toes, swallow green beer by the bucketful and deliver my lines in Oirish. They don’t understand that I’m shy. Anyway, google do it nicely.Stpatricks_07

I’m also aware that though my St Pat’s day’s down south as a kid were grim celebrations (I remember my Dad pointing Eamonn De Valera out to me on a freezing cold and wet day while we huddled for shelter in a shop front and while kilt wearing bandsmen with blue knees passed by playing some rebel song), the south has to a large extent transformed the day into a major tourist event. Up North things are different. It’s still a sectarian battleground with some pretense at being inclusive. So I’ve just ignored the whole day really, until the people around me grow up.

That said, today the women’s group from the Mission are participating in Belfast’s parade in a piece called ‘Prods, Prams and Patrick’. Brilliant. And a sign that things are changing. B’gorrah.

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