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Regenerating Liverpool II – The Paradise Project

March 2, 2007

Guess what paradise is: a retail development along Paradise Street in Liverpool City centre. Two and a half million square feet of development, including 1.65m sq ft of retail space. Because that’s what the people want, we were told.

The guys who are doing this development are mega-developers, The Grosvenor Group. They obviously know their business and reckon being able to create a retail market in a place where there is none, perhaps by displacing traffic that goes to places like Manchester. It’s just the limited nature of their vision for the city that gets me. Regardless of the deprivation levels just outside the city centre, we’ll change the city by helping you shop they say.

Elsewhere, Peel Holdings who have MASSIVE property holdings along the Mersey are planning a 50 year, £10billion development on both banks of the river called Wirral Water and Mersey Water. Part of the development is the construction of a weir across the river which will also create a link between both banks. Skeptics are also speculating that this weir will enable the developers to control river levels if the worst predictions of global warming come true and the water levels threaten their massive development.

I’m staggered by this. The development is ambitiously longterm and even builds-in costs of protection for global scale catastrophes.

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