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Too Miserable to Post

February 11, 2007

_42560241_ogara_pa416Can’t believe it, after 80 mins of unbelievable tension on a day of real history making, we had victory stolen from us in the final seconds. It was a truly stunning match of huge intensity. 90 secs from the end when O Gara had the kick to move four points ahead, even Christopher, at eight years old, had to leave the room because he couldn’t bear to watch.

One mistake at a technical restart, we lose the ball and France score. Sick. And I’m hoarse.

Heart rate returning to normal.


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  1. I’m gutted… watched the match with a few friends and many other Irish fans in a lovely bar in Glasgow, only to have my hopes shattered at the end…

  2. Don’t worry, us English are just around the corner. I’m sure that will make you feel better. *smile*

  3. I dare say you may agree Emma, that beating the English in 2 weeks will go some way towards healing the pain. No offence Rob…it’s a history thing!

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