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Days and Nights in NC and GA

September 24, 2006

Well, it’s late but gotta stop and issue big thanks to Tim—Eddie’s Attic was great and the two Irish men managed to get in for nothing and get the last show. They even had Guinness for goodness sake. The Brick Store was great too, though I had to admit I kinda felt like I had given up waiting on my teenage daughter to emerge and had gone in to have a drink while she wound up her night out with friends!

It was a great end to a great day. Driving through some of the most beautiful country along the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC. Dscf1973_1A bike ride, 18 miles up Mt Mitchell, and a descent between 30 and 40 miles an hour through dense fog with 20m visibility. What a blast to emerge from the enveloping fog at 30+ mph into the mouth of an unlit tunnel, riding in pitch black until a Harley rider came up behind me and shared his headlight. I couldn’t resist a raucous ‘woo-hoo’, like a kid on the wildest rollercoaster.

But Tim, you have earned great respect by your recommendations to finish the day. It was great spinning the wheels with you and we promise never to tell how you fell off while clipped in. And remember, what happened in Boone, stays in Boone. That’s Boone NC, named after Dan’l Boone, with an explosive ‘B’. (PS what is it with drinking beer from jam jars?)

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  1. it was a magnificent couple of days, good to know that Eddie’s was worth the trip. I thought you might like Kahler, hope all the artists were good. As to being old men, somebody had to bring it to your attention, I thought the BrickStore might be the gentlest way, all hard news is better with a pint.

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