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Armour of God PJs – Nooooo!

August 24, 2006

Came across this courtesy of Kung Fu Monkey. Tell me this is not serious! But if by any chance you are interested, forthcoming products include an Anna and Samuel doll.

Doesn’t it make you proud?


From → Religion

  1. Dear lord … that’s not even funny. Well, maybe a little bit.

    Any parent who puts their children in those should be examined. Besides, those two in the pic look like they are getting married.

  2. Notice the boy has a helmet and the girl has a veil….wonder is that a translation of Ephesians I missed? I know for some kids going to bed in the dark can be a difficult thing but I dread to think about the issues these jamies are going to cause and the fortune in therapy in later years!

  3. Right, I mean the armor of God is for protection against the “enemy” or “evil one”, right? So, PJ’s like this are obviously intended to protect little ones from the great satan while they try to go to sleep at night, right?

    I can hear it now: “Don’t wory kids, your well prepared to battle the great satan while you sleep.” Yikes!

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