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Damien Rice, Seagulls and a Dive into the Deep

August 4, 2006

At 5.00pm today I stopped work for a few weeks, and I’m ready for it. It’s been a hectic summer, and recent days have been busy preparing to flee the desk. But now I’m away, and I took great delight is setting up the autoresponder on my email accounts to say I’m gone!

Already the rhythm is changing. Dinner with my wife and children was more leisured than usual, and Ade and I took some time just to chat about friends after the kids had left the table. I took the dog for a walk along the shore, my crooked shore, where I begin the delightful process of leaving the clinging busyness of the working day for another type of existence. One in which I attune my senses to notice and pay attention to other things.

It’s raining. Actually it’s one of those wonderful ‘soft’ Irish evenings. No wind; the tide is in; and the sea is flat calm. Much to the irritation of the dog who is more sparky than the twilight deserves, I spend a moment in the car choosing what music might suit the mood. Ah yes, Damien Rice, ‘O’, chosen not for the emotionally taxing lyrics, wonderful in their place, but for the music. Rich, deep, layered and full.

I waver at the sea’s edge while a watery mist smudges the horizon, partly erasing the boats and their lights. Then, throwing the ball far out, I watch as the dog fetches enthusiastically, snorting as he returns with the ball in his mouth. The reluctant drizzle soaks me, sticking to me as if to tumble the rest of the way to the earth was simply too much effort. It beads on the rim of my hat, tiny silver globes, which eventually part company under the imperative of their own weight.

The grey gulls abandon the sky for the greedy pleasures of the deep.

And I realise that’s the metaphor I’m after. Having been in a flap for so long I’m ready to leave the demands of diaries and phone calls and funding applications for something different. To plummet, to freefall down and under and beneath, into the deeper things of life where nourishment lies.

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